Switched On Beats

by VoltageCtrlR

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Switched On Beats is a project conceived by analog modular synth composer Shiro Fujioka aka VoltageCtrlr.

This project is inspired by the Switched On Bach and Switched On Rock albums that were made with a Moog modular synthesizer back in the 60s. Given that Shiro's humble beginnings in making music all started with an Akai MPC 60II sampler that he acquired in the 90's. Shiro's love for HipHop production got him into collecting records years before he got the MPC. Some of his favorite records to sample were synthesizer albums and sound effect records because they sounded really good with driving boom bap HipHop drums. This auditory discovery is the sonic seed to his sound. These days Shiro records experimental music under the name VoltageCtrlr using his analog modular synthesizer, an Elektron Machinedrum and Arturia Microbrute to compose and perform live improvised music made with these 3 machines.

Switched On Beats is an exploration in approaching beat driven music and HipHop from a different perspective.
HipHop beats have been traditionally associated with sampling old vinyl and loops.
VoltageCtrl interconnects a system of analog synth modules to dial in tones, melodies, rhythm, sounds and sequences to add on to the lineage of HipHop. His compositions are improvised and recorded live in one take making this not only a new way to approach HipHop composition but also opening up the freedom to perform live and to never have two performances be the same.

This collection of songs were recorded in 14 days, with 2 or 3 versions of each song to pick from for the final release. All the tracks were blended into a seamless mix with added vocal drops to give it that mixtape feel that Shiro is found of from his DJing/Turntablist days.


released August 25, 2015

Composer/Perfomer: Shiro Fujioka / VoltageCtrlr
Gear: 18u Eurorack modular synthesizer, Arturia Microbrute, Elektron machinedrum and Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo for recording, mixing and mastering.

Inner Siddhi Sound Temple | Los Angeles




VoltageCtrlR Los Angeles, California

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